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… find me busy at work in my gardens and woods.  Putting up fences, building new planting mounds, and transplanting volunteers that need divided or are just growing in the wrong places!

These are three plants needing division because they are crowding themselves.  (The hostas in the middle were divided last year but need moved out from the house also.)

The ornamental grasses are best burned down in the spring but this large one is right next to an evergreen pine so I have to use pruners on it.

Fence going up at back patio.Fencing is going up around the back patio for the safety of two groups of animals.  I have many stray dogs on my property and they are not all friendly to my dogs.  I’m also brooding chicks and they will be free ranged.  Since I’m not sure how my dogs will behave with them, the fence works two-fold.  (One dog is a little terrier that gets too excited and the other is a Labrador puppy mix that doesn’t know her own strength yet.)  The fence is lined on the inside with rabbit fencing.

I also have some front porch pretties and a new container kitchen garden that I bring into my sunroom in the winter.

Tulip Poplar for transplanting

And one last little transplant that I love!  I had many volunteer Tulip Trees (Poplars) in my flower/veggie gardens last year.  In the one year they grew beautifully and now I’m sharing them with friends and moving them to an open field to create some shade areas.

Hope your spring is looking as bountiful!