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Got two 3′ x 3′ greenhouse boxes set up just outside of the sunroom door.  I purchased these and am concerned that they’re a bit lightweight so I’ve staked them down (inside) and, I’ve placed bricks with parachute cord over the lids to hopefully keep the wind from taking them until I find a better strapping option for the lids.  (Suggestions greatly appreciated!)  I have a feeling, that later this year or next spring I’ll be building more permanent ones with wood and recycled windows.

Greenhouse boxes

Before placing the boxes, I tilled the ground under them and in the walkway between.  I then placed newspaper over the soil inside of the greenhouses to block the sunlight and kill the existing grass and any weed seeds that I stirred up with the tiller.  The walkway is lined with newspaper also and then topped with wood chips from our property.  With newspaper and chips in place, I then soaked the area in and around the boxes to settle the soil and pack down the chips and paper.

Since this is the beginning of a pathway to our fire pit, I plan to continue the wood chips in a T-shape around the boxes so that I won’t have to worry about mud when working on the sides opposite the sidewalk.  I’ll then add perennials along the future pathway and line the edges with limestone rocks gathered from our property.