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It’s easy to tell that I love the wild birds on my property.  But did you know that they are a wonderful addition to your garden insect control?  Birds like house sparrows and starlings are often shunned because of their protective nesting natures, but you can use them to your advantage and now is the time to begin!

European Starling

European Starling

Offer a welcome mat in winter to wild birds by providing seed and suet so that when nesting time arrives, the birds will already see your property as a friendly haven.  Just make sure to do it correctly!

Place feed far enough from your house to prohibit birds from regularly landing and nesting directly on your home, or around kids’ play areas, by feeding them closer to your garden.  Before late winter/spring nesting begins, place bird houses in this same area.  Space them far enough out to prevent dipping at you while gardening, but still surrounding the area you most want controlled.

Voila, you are one with nature and a little less insect heavy in your garden!