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As a part of this blog, I thought I’d include what I’d like to call “love tips.” Of course the “love” here is for our environment!  Please enjoy!

love tip #1

According to Old Capital Golf Club Superintendent, Chase Best, many people are shoveling their snow the wrong way! If you’ve never heard of “snow mold,” let this be a first.

permie love tip #1Snow mold occurs when grass and plants are trapped under a heavy layer of snow for an extended amount of time, anywhere between 20-40 days. This might seem forever for some of us where the snow cycles, but it’s the shoveling in these areas that often causes the damage.

When shoveling or plowing snow, remember to alternate the locations where removed snow is piled in order to help prevent lawn diseases.  Although it might not snow again for weeks, temperatures can easily keep piled snow around for much longer.

Check out Spring-Green for more information on snow mold.